Hair Styling Products For Human Hair Wigs

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Human hair wigs need special hair care products to maintain their style. They don’t contain the natural oils and vitamins that your own hair does, so they need specialized products that will protect and enhance the look of your wig. Detangling spray and Hair Power Hair Tip Liquid can help keep your wig style in place.

These products are also great for restoring the original look of a wig. For example, the Schwarzkopf got2b Glued Styling Spiking Glue is a fan favorite of many wig wearers. It comes out looking like toothpaste, but when it dries, it turns clear and provides incredible hold. This product holds a wig in place for more than 10 minutes, while other products only last about a half hour. The best thing about this product is that it is washable and can be used again.

For best results, use only a mild, neutral shampoo. A synthetic fiber shampoo or conditioner can damage the wig’s fibers. You should never soak a wig for a long time. The wig may get tangled, so use a brush that is gentle on your hair. When washing your wig, make sure to moisturize it to prevent it from shedding and breakage. You can also apply a lightweight hair oil like Champo Haircare’s Weightless Hair Oil to keep the wig supple and hydrated.

When brushing your wig, try to start from the tips and work your way up. You are more likely to cause damage to the fibers if you start from the bottom. Also, do not heat your wig while it is still wet. The plastic strands don’t work well with heat, so wait until it is fully dried before you use a hairdryer.

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