How Much Does a 1000 Sq Ft Greenhouse Cost?

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The price for a 1000 sq ft greenhouse depends on several factors. The materials you use will determine how much the greenhouse will cost. The most common material used for framing a greenhouse is steel. Steel is more durable than aluminum and can be shaped into different shapes. It is best to use galvanized steel for humid planting zones.

Other factors that affect greenhouse cost include the type of floor you choose. The cheapest greenhouses use dirt as a floor, but others use a concrete slab or pavers. Concrete pavers are relatively expensive but can be easy to install and provide a rigid floor surface. You will also need a concrete slab foundation for permanent greenhouse structures.

The cost of heating a greenhouse also affects its cost. There are several types of heaters, from basic space heaters to complex ones that cost up to $2000. You also need to consider your energy bill and safety measures when considering the type of heater. Some heaters come with automated controls and thermostats.

Plants are a large part of greenhouse cost. Fortunately, you can find cheap seedlings and start with a basic flower garden. You can also grow fruits and vegetables with minimal budget.

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