How to Avoid Wet Floor Accidents

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A wet floor can be a real hazard. Many people don’t consider it, but it is possible to prevent accidents by putting up warning signs. Putting up signs in areas where people will be walking will give them a heads up that the floor is wet. They will also know to stay away from the area until it is dry.

When cleaning with moisture, it is best to wipe the floor down as thoroughly as possible. A fan is a great way to keep a floor dry. Another good way to protect your floor is to have the right mops on hand. This will help you avoid damaging the floor. You will also want to clean the floor thoroughly as often as possible.

The changing seasons can also bring more moisture into an area. If possible, you should place rugs around the entrances and back doors. You should also place rugs in hallways that lead away from the front door. Additionally, moisture can collect around trash areas and sinks. You can prevent accidents by addressing water spills as soon as they occur. Signage and warning systems can also be effective.

You should also put warning signs in areas where there is a risk of slipping. Those signs can help janitorial staff and employees understand the danger and encourage caution. Putting entrance mats on floors can also help reduce the amount of moisture on the floor. Additionally, installing an air mover will speed up the drying process of the floors.

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