How to Make Cheap Jewelry Look More Expensive

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There are several tips that will help you make cheap jewelry look more expensive. First, you should avoid wearing jewelry that is made from plastic or metal. Although some metal jewelry can look good, some are fake, and you should stick with wood. Wooden jewelry always looks better, and it looks more sophisticated.

The weight of the jewelry is also very important. Natural gemstones and precious metals feel heavy. If you’re buying a statement dangle pendant, make sure the weight matches its material and size. The weight also defines how the piece will hang on the body. If the weight of the piece changes during movement, you can tell it’s not genuine.

The style and design of the piece is also important. Cheap jewelry can look expensive if you choose the right design. However, if you choose a piece that looks too bold, it might look tacky. The key is to pick pieces that will match your outfit and the location. Buying statement jewelry can make you look expensive and stylish, but it’s not always necessary to buy an expensive piece.

You can also mix and match different types of jewelry. For example, you can pair a $2 bangle with an expensive necklace. The combination of inexpensive pieces with expensive pieces will help you disguise the cheap ones.

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